Sasquatch 2016 Rumors:

Sasquatch! 2016 Rumors:

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Schedule Has Been Released



Tom said...

Sunday at 6 is gunna be the death of me. 3 of my favourite bands, who the eff do I pick?

know ID yuh said...

I only see two bands playing Sunday at 6. I might be able to help you decide on your conflict if you let me know who the three bands are.

tom said...

Well just the conflict between Cold War Kids, City & Colour and Mad Rad. What would you suggest is best/most exciting live?

Horned Gramma said...


davers said...

Harley said...

i am so pissed that chromeo and black mountain are contradicting each other. why would they put 2 awesome Canadian acts playing at the same time? like come'on, so lame.

same with, Givers and Wavves
Sam Roberts and Reggie Watts,
i gotta make some serious decisions..

know ID yuh said...

@Horned Gramma

Have you checked

know ID yuh said...

If any of you don't like the formatting of the schedule on the main Sasquatch page, there are a couple friendly Sasquatch Message Boarders who made PDFs and Excel schedules for your printing pleasures. Find them here:

@Tom, you picked the two bands I am least supportive of on the lineup, but I'll try to give you some festival advice either way. City & Colour starts first, so you want to start there either way. Depending on your mood, he will probably put you to sleep, so you'll want to move on to the Cold War Kids, who might put you to sleep as well, but will be much more lively (even if a bit lame). If you are enjoying the mellowness of City & Colour, stay there, because as much as he plays festivals, he doesn't tour much, and he has other musical endeavors. You'll have a much better chance seeing the Cold War Kids fifteen times in the next five years, especially once everyone realizes they suck, and they start playing small clubs.

When Mad Rad starts, go immediately. They are fun.

I hope this helps.

Tom said...

Thanks know ID, I appreciate the honesty, even though I respectfully disagree. But thats some good info, and I like all the reviews you've done so far. Can't wait till friday!