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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aziz Ansari Final Comedic Add

Nice for the final comedian to be one of the bigger names in the business. Once we figure out the Low Anthem's replacement (see previous post), the lineup will be completely full.

It is also very possible the Low Anthem will be back on the lineup after their show in Seattle tomorrow night, which is not yet sold out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Low Anthem Live Review

Doug Fir, Portland
Sunday, March 28th, 2010

"What am I doing walking through a monsoon late on a Sunday night to see a show?"

"This is one of the bands on the lineup I'm most excited to see."

"Why am I doing this? This sucks."

"I can't wait to get there, this is going to be great."

Now that we have my poor mental health established, I eventually made it to the venue to see the Low Anthem. I have some good news for you, and some bad news.

First, the good news, this band is great live. They could have played until 2am, and I would have loved every minute. I am new to the band, having only heard Oh My God Charlie Darwin about six times, so I had no idea what to expect. I envisioned two different lead singers, since the guy who sings the high pitched vocals on Charlie Darwin can't be the same guy who shouts the growling vocals on The Horizon is a Beltway, right? It is, and he is the same guy who sings the more tame vocals on Ohio. So he sounds like three different dudes, awesome. His voice is something else, and had the crowd awaiting his next lyric the entire night. The guy could have been singing a song about torturing panda bear cubs and cheating on your taxes, and the crowd would have been just as captivated.

His voice could have easily stolen the show, but it's a tribute to the talent in the band that it didn't. Do you like musicians who can play multiple instruments? Each of the four on stage played at least four instruments, and sang, often harmonizing together. Ever seen someone play the harmonica while drumming? Neither had I. Actually, it is possible the dude's mustache was playing the harmonica while he played the drums. I don't want to get too specific, and ruin the surprises, so I'll keep this moving.

More good news, they said they have nearly completed a new album, and are in the process of reducing the amount of tracks. Of the new songs they played, it felt like the sound was leaning more toward alt-country than folk, with the female in the band singing often. She also screamed a verse on Home I'll Never Be, which was one of the many highlights of the show.

Here's the setlist:

11:20pm to 12:35am, 3/28/10
1. Ticket Taker
2. To The Ghosts Who Write History Books
3. Cage The Songbird
4. Apothecary
5. Ghost Woman Blues
6. This God Damn House
7. Home I'll Never Be
8. Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From
9. ?
10. ?
11. To Ohio
12. Seniorita (with guest guitar player)
13. The Horizon Is A Beltway (completely different song than the album version).
14. Dreams Can't Chase You Down (with Blind Pilot trumpet player)
15. Evangeline

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the bad news. The band is no longer listed on the lineup on the Sasquatch main page. Is there a prize for the most anticlimactic ending to a review?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Saturday/Sunday/3-Day Passes Sold Out

It appears the festival is currently sold out, minus Monday tickets which are still available. It is not known if additional tickets will be put back on sale in the future, but for now, Saturday/Sunday tickets and 3-Day passes are off the market.

Last year was the earliest tickets sold out, with Saturday/Sunday tickets gone April 28th. This year is easily the quickest sellout, and a compliment to how loaded the lineup is top to bottom, especially considering the headliners are much lower on the commercial success scale than previous years.

Update: Monday tickets are no longer available. Here is my theory. The third level of tickets were to go on sale May 17. If they knew a sellout was inevitable, why not take the remaining tickets off the market, and sell them for a higher rate starting May 17?

Update of Update: The May 17th theory was when tickets were no longer available three weeks ago. The fact that the organizers recently said the festival is sold out means it is sold out. It will be a minor miracle if more tickets are released.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Additions

3/20 Update:
Bobcat Goldthwait - Comedy Tent, Monday

Goldthwait replaces Doug Benson.

3/17 Update:
The Heavy - Main Stage, Monday

There you have it, this should be the last musical addition unless someone cancels.

3/15 Update:
Martina Topley-Bird - Yeti Stage, Sunday
Hannibal Buress - Comedy Tent, Monday

Barring cancellations and bands moving stages, this leaves one main stage add Monday and one comedian add Saturday.

They Might be Giants - Main Stage, Sunday.
Shadow Shadow Shade - Yeti Stage, Monday.
Nick Kroll - Comedy Tent, Saturday.
Doug Benson - Comedy Tent, Monday.

The lineup is almost full. We still need one main stage add Monday, one Yeti add Sunday, and two comedians (Saturday and Monday).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Sasquatch! Story

I awoke Saturday morning to the sound of Jets Overhead. It wasn't as bad as The Long Winters I was accustomed to, but it was cold, so I had to put on My Morning Jacket. One of my neighbors, who introduced himself as Patrick Watson, must have had Telekinesis, because he offered me a cup of Fresh Espresso. He played A-Trak for me by Kid Cudi, which was Dam-Funky. The volume was so low, you couldn't hear the tUnE-YarDs away, since his girlfriend was still asleep, so it was more of a Low Anthem.

Patrick had tried to Ween his girlfriend off of the booze late last night, but I guess She & Him were not on the same page, as she was still passed out. Not even the loud noise of the Drive-By Truckers woke her. Well, I shouldn't call them truckers, more like trucks driving around emptying the honey buckets, operated by a company called Mumford & Sons. The flies surrounding the deposit zone were like fruit flies on fruit, so we nicknamed these large bugs "Fruit Bats."

Fast forward an hour, I am boarding the Shabazz Palace on the river with a couple I met the night before, who told me their names were Tegan & Sarah. The river was perfect, Nada Surf, like if you threw a rock Midlake, you could see the ripples. This YACHT was gigantic, and their LCD Soundsystem was bumping. People were hopping up and down and waiving their arms wildly like chimpanzees. It was like a Simian Mobile Disco.

There were a lot of Posies and children on the deck, so I knew there was No Age limit here, but it created a Broken Social Scene for me, so I decided to check out the cabin, which was much different. The Girls there were dressed in skimpy nurse outfits, the men all had mustaches and robes, and the place wreaked of Vetiver oil. There was a large sign on a side door that read "Passion Pit", with a bright Neon Indian hanging below it. I had a deep conversation with one of the Nurses, and she swore we knew each other in Past Lives. I could tell this was a hardcore crowd, and I was nervous since I always preferred The xx. I was one of the only New Pornographers there. Sorry to skip the details, but I'm going to use my Morning Teleportation device to land me back at the campground two hours later.

It was hot by then, and although I wanted to Booka Shaded camp site, there were no trees anywhere. I was looking to meet more new people, and curious about the sport of Beersby, so I wandered to the Boys Noize campground (who blared Vampire Weekend for hours the previous night, but were now playing the Japandroids), to challenge the winner. I ended up playing against a dude from Portugal. The Man was huge, even if he wasn't The Tallest Man on Earth. His partner was his Brother Ali, who apparently was The National Beersby champion of some country in The Middle East.

My partner introduced himself as Hudson Mohawke. He did have a sweet Mohawk, and was wearing a cool Cymbals Eat Guitars tee shirt. The large man from Portugal threw the frisbee my way, and said, "Ok Go." To keep the mood light, I replied, "Yes Giantess," which was obviously a Temper Trap to throw him off his game, but may have caused me to become his Public Enemy, because he didn't think it was funny. I had to Hold Steady on three points, because I'm terrible at the game, and pounded four PBRs because of their dominate victory.

As I stumbled back to my tent, I began conversing with a couple, Edward Sharpe and Laura Marlings. Having experienced being introduced with fake names already, I told them I was Miike Snow. Edward works for a major corporation making short wildlife films, and has always been an avid photographer, but now he likes to Freelance Whales, or is it Wale? I'm terrible at spelling. He had some cool pics, one of Jaguars getting it on, which he called Jaguar Love. My favorite was a picture of the sunset in some city in Utah. The lights of the City and Colour of the mountains was breathtaking.

He had a killer video which was a bit hard to see, because it was shot on a Camera Obscura, and replayed on Dirty Projectors, but it shows Edward wandering through a Lonely Forest, and filming one of The Local Natives getting run over by a Band of Horses. The man tried to get up, but was immediately trampled by an Avi Buffalo. He was then assaulted by a Caribou, and later head butted by two Mountain Goats. I didn't even think these animals were violent? The coup de grace occurred when an obviously irritated bear mauled him. It was a Massive Attack, even Minus the Bear.

After the festival that night, I got lost on the way back to the campground, but I received a strange message from a ghost, a Phantogram if you will, saying I was going the wrong way. Actually, maybe it was a sign from MGMT stating, "Trespassers will be prosecuted" signed by Mayer Hawthorne. I turned around, and promptly tripped over the edge of the Pavement, and almost landed on a Deadmau5, or maybe it was a dead cat, I'm not too sure.

I eventually made it back to the campground, where a drunkard yelled at me, "Hey Dr. Dog, are you a cop?" I said no, then asked, "Why?" He slurred back, "Sweet mustache dude." Then it dawned on me, no wonder everyone kept giving me fake names, they think I'm a cop. On the bright side, my Quasi mustache turned out to be Fool's Gold for the swingers, who must have thought I was a porn star.

What a craZ-Trip, meeting so many cool people at the campground, and I still have two days left. While passing out in my tent, I kept thinking that today has to be one of The Very Best days of my life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Additions, and What's To Come

We have a couple funny guy additions, and our first two musical additions, The Posies, and Jaguar Love.

First let's talk about the Posies. One of the fun things about the Sasquatch main site listing which stage each band will play is making mock schedules, updating them with additions, trying to figure out how many open slots there are, and planning for possible conflicts. Well, we have a slight curve ball already, as the Posies are listed as playing the Wookie Saturday, yet the Wookie was already full with eight acts.

Most who follow My Morning Jacket know they've played really long sets in the past, over three hours at Bonnaroo. Since they are the highest billed act of the festival, it is safe to say they will be allowed to play as long as they want. The Wookie typically is scheduled to end around 10:15pm, but a late night show to compete with My Morning Jacket would suit many. It just so happens the highest billed act tentatively scheduled to play the Wookie Saturday night is Deadmau5. How would a 10:30pm to midnight Deadmau5 show work for you?

Speaking of the comics, four have been added since the initial poster unveiling. Todd Barry and Rory Scoval were added to Monday's tent, soon after the initial lineup was released, but Scoval has since been moved to Sunday's lineup. Mike Birbiglia was added to Sunday's lineup earlier this week, and Moshe Kasher was recently added to Saturday. This leaves four comedians on Sunday, and two the other days, which probably means we should expect four more comedy additions.

As for other open slots, expect two main stage adds (one Monday, one Sunday), and two Yeti add (Sunday and Monday).