Sasquatch 2016 Rumors:

Sasquatch! 2016 Rumors:

The Cure, Leon Bridges, Viet Cong, The Twilight Sad, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Andra Day

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Schedule Is Out!!!

While the schedule is not yet listed on the main Sasquatch Schedule page, it was released this morning on the Iphone App. You can get the set times for each band at the main site here.

Thanks to invisiblerobots from the Coachella board who transcribed the schedule, which was later added to the Sasquatch Web Board here.

This is a really cool schedule doumak created on the Sasquatch board. If the schedule on the main site is the same format as last year, I'm guessing you'll prefer doumak's schedule.

As posted in the comments, this is just awesome. Thanks clumsy342.


Chris said...

Could somebody pleeeease host the excel schedule that somebody made in this thread:

Put it on an external website, or mediafire or something, because you need to be a member of those boards to download the attachments and I've tried registering with two separate email addresses and never got the activation code on either. I've given up waiting for the official site to do anything useful for those without iPhones, so it would be much appreciated....

Mike said...

Here are some templates I made.

Anonymous said...

they hand out schedules similar to the one posted in the link when you enter the venue. at least thats what they did last year.