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Sasquatch! 2016 Rumors:

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Additions

3/20 Update:
Bobcat Goldthwait - Comedy Tent, Monday

Goldthwait replaces Doug Benson.

3/17 Update:
The Heavy - Main Stage, Monday

There you have it, this should be the last musical addition unless someone cancels.

3/15 Update:
Martina Topley-Bird - Yeti Stage, Sunday
Hannibal Buress - Comedy Tent, Monday

Barring cancellations and bands moving stages, this leaves one main stage add Monday and one comedian add Saturday.

They Might be Giants - Main Stage, Sunday.
Shadow Shadow Shade - Yeti Stage, Monday.
Nick Kroll - Comedy Tent, Saturday.
Doug Benson - Comedy Tent, Monday.

The lineup is almost full. We still need one main stage add Monday, one Yeti add Sunday, and two comedians (Saturday and Monday).


Horned Gramma said...

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horned Gramma said...

THEY!!!!!!!! MIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! BE!!!!!!!!!!!! GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...



Horned Gramma said...

There's two kinds of people in the world. TMBG fans, and 'anonymous'. Guess which kind sucks.

Jeremy Pollock said...

THIS...will be very good.

Horned Gramma said...

This will be the EIGHTEENTH time I have seen They Might Be Giants. Trust me, it is going to be GREAT.

Anonymous said...

two comedians??? They just added Conan to bonnaroo, and well.. the guy is unemployed. haha.
also, this anonymous likes they might be giants.. I did a happy dance when I heard about the addition.

Horned Gramma said...

Oh hang on a sec! Wasn't Hannibal Buress the guy that was in the Comedy Tent the first year they had it, in `08? He went on right before Horatio Sanz and mimed raping a chimpanzee?

Someone tell me you remember this; I laughed my ass off. Even better than the clown porn last year.

Sandy said...


Anonymous said...

Did you not see where it says there will be no more music additions?

Anonymous said...

well yet another Comedy add? Bobcat? This is a blog. Not factual. There could be more music adds. Who knows? The upgrades and the addition of a dance tent could mean more acts than previous years.