Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sasquatch! 2013 Is Officially Sold Out

It appears the festival is already sold out, within an hour of the passes going on sale.  That's the quickest sell-out I recall.  It's not surprising, as mentioned in the previous post, "never underestimate the power of the radio." There's always a chance the website malfunctioned, so until you hear official word in a press release, it doesn't hurt to keep trying.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments section, Sasquatch! is officially sold out. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUY TICKETS FROM SCALPERS. Scalpers take advantage of people freaking out about not getting a ticket, so this is the worst time to attempt to purchase a pass on craigslist. Be patient. There are plenty of good people out there who are not looking to screw you over to make a couple bucks.


  1. The website says they officially sold out.

  2. There seemed to be a lot of presales, also I wonder if more tickets will be released later- Tickets are so expensive, I hate to think that the target audience ( which I assume are college student age- although after looking at the line-up, the target may actually be their parents, ) will be forced to pay scalpers.

  3. got dayum! bless ya sasquatch, just bless ya. Honestly, the headliners suck, they do:they suck (except Sigur Ros). But the undercard is so stacked I ain't even about to eat that many pancackes.

    Sigur Ros
    the xx
    primus 3D
    earl sweatshirt
    dirty projectors
    built to spill
    schoolboy q and ab-soul
    killer mike and el-p
    bloc party
    alt j
    azealia banks
    danny brown
    empire of the sun

    tame impala

    So I got my ticket yo and I got my buds tickets and I got my bud for this. The issue I got here is what is goin on with these headliners:

    Mumford and Sons is so shit, I ain't even tryin to step in it. The way they act and dress makes my butt boil. Their music is terrible and how it has infected the little white christian minds is beyond me (oh wait, no its not, fuck!).

    Macklemore and Ryan, ya did good ya did good. Ya made it big congrats. Can't fault him, he shouldn't have made it this big but I can't fault no way. Macklemore is a representation of the subtle racism that still exists today in the PNW and the whole US. "It's so nice to hear good clean fun rap for once", "I don't usually like rap but I love macklemmore" psh what a sad excuse what a sad excuse.

    Vampire Weekend, I'm giving you a pass. I'd eat cow shit if it was surrounded by human feces.

    That's all I've got to say bout it cept I got more. Stay tuned

  4. "Vampire Weekend, I'm giving you a pass. I'd eat cow shit if it was surrounded by human feces."

    You found my weakness for scatological humor. This is actually pretty funny, mostly because I agree.

  5. I'm so bummed about not getting tickets, tried not even two hours of them going on sale. Would have done the Citi pre sale, but, um, pretty sure nobody has Citi in Canada. Curse you scalpers! Jerks.

  6. I'm still holding out hope that tickets come on sale, it's funny to think of all the people buying the VIP pass.. Because that's all that's "left" ?! Maybe this is the only way they sell these VIP passes? Who wants to pay 1000 for free beer and wine?! And free food? Stupid! It's a great way to create hype and to get people bummed about the fast sell out, so when they do put them back on sale they really do sell out for real because everyone will purchase as many as possible! Because we've all seen the wanted ads on all the online classifieds sites.. Maybe it's wishful thinking but till then I'll be checking various sites everyday till then :)

  7. how in the fuck. I didnt buy one because last year they lasted until mid march. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

  8. Everyone chill out, if you really are diligent in looking for one, starting around mid-march, people will be selling their tickets galore. You will get more chances to purchase tickets and chances are if you really try and find one you will.

  9. It always come down to this: A few weeks to a month before the show takes place, all of the scalpers start to think they aren't going to get rid of their tickets and people who thought they would be able to attend find out that they won't be able to. Don't freak out, all is not lost yet.

  10. When does the music start on Friday? I need to know when to leave Vancouver.

  11. Kynsley WollenbergMarch 28, 2013 at 3:33 PM

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  12. I would have loved to gone just to see Sigur Ros alone, guess ya snooze ya lose!

    Just started following your site, hope you get a chance to follow back my Coachella blog :D

  13. So now that Arctic Monkeys are #1 on Glastonburys bill can we at least see a full headlining set from them instead of one of the loosely termed "headliners" with 1 or 2 albums?
    And to the question about leaving Van... I would suggest arriving Thursday afternoon for camping if possible, it's worth the party :) ... Music starts in the mid afternoon usually Friday, not as early as the other days.